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6. August 2018

Intech ships an Energy Container to Queensland, Australia

Energy Container Inter

Energy Container, McKinlay, Queensland, Australia

Proudly co-funded by the Queensland Government’s Remote Area Board funding program

The Project

Power supply in remote areas in Australia is often ensured through so called single-wire earth return (SWER) networks. They exist of only one conductor and use the earth as return. Though they are economic in the set-up, maintenance cost for dozens of kilometers of SWER lines for a single farm cause very high electricity prices. Also, the limited electricity capacity available on the SWER network often forces farmers to run diesel generators to power larger machines.

The McKinlay Shire is located around 1400km north of Brisbane in north-western Queensland, Australia. The local administration, the McKinlay Shire Council, contacted Intech to inquire about the possibility to equip some farms in the shire with the Intech Energy Container. Together with the council, specifications were defined for a solar system providing sufficient power to the farms. The objective was to equip all farms with a similar system in order to facilitate maintenance work in the future.

The first Energy Container is already on its way to Australia. It contains a 21 kWp PV array, a solar inverter, three off-grid inverters, a battery bank of 60 kWh storage capacity, as well as a 20-kVA backup generator.


Intech's Energy Container

Powering farms, camps, or irrigation systems with an uninterrupted power supply

For towns, camps, farms, large bores and buildings located in remote areas, an uninterrupted power supply is essential. Intech has long experience in delivering energy systems to rural areas, optionally including water purification systems.

Every container is equipped with a photovoltaic battery backup system with or without diesel generator. The system comprises an extensive monitoring system with all relevant data available via satellite or telephone communication. Remote access allows Intech’s staff to recognize possible issues and provide support regardless of distance and location of the installed system.

The Energy Containers are pre-assembled and pre-configured before shipment to ensure fast and cost-efficient implementation which minimizes on-site labor. The systems are available from 5 kW to 300 kW and are connected to photovoltaic panels on site. Larger systems can be developed on a case by case basis. The panels can be ground-mounted and/or located on the roof of the energy container.