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Net-Metering - Generate your own power

What is Net Metering?

Net-metering allows residential and commercial customers to generate their own electricity from solar power and to use it for self-consumption or to feed-in the excess power to their energy provider's electrical grid.

How does Net Metering work?

Net-metering is a great opportunity to be self-sufficient and cut your hydro costs for the future. In net-metering you build a solar PV system that is equivalent to your power needs. During the hours of sunlight you are using your own power. If the solar generator produces more power than needed in the building, it automatically feeds the surplus into the grid. If less is produced than needed (i.e. cloudy / rainy day, or night) you automatically draw your power from the grid.

The amounts fed in and drawn out from the grid are automatically offset against each other. If more has been fed in than drawn out, there will be a credit on your hydro bill which rolls forward for up to 11 months. If for example during the summer months more electricity is produced than needed, this can offset the hydro drawn out from the grid during the winter months when production will decrease as a result of less daylight hours. The net-metering agreement is directly between you and your electricity retailer. (i.e. Hydro One).


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