Generate heat or combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration) using substrate or waste.

Biomass Energy

Renewable energy solutions for single buildings or as district heating systems

Biomass systems use biological material such as wood, straw or miscanthus as an energy source for heat, electricity or combined heat and power (CHP) generation (also called cogeneration).

Intech’s systems have numerous advantages Biological material can be stored and delivered on a regular basis. The biomass breakdown is a CO2 neutral, environmentally sustainable process: CO2 released during combustion is balanced with the amount plants absorb when growing. Biomas energy is well suited for municipal and community heating (e.g. hospitals, aging care), agriculture including greenhouse and intensive farming, sawmills and timber processing, as well as for industrial processes such as food processing. The feedstock is combusted and used for direct heating, drying or to heat boilers depending on client requirements. It is an excellent alternative to gas and can utilise local organic material that would otherwise have to be processed or sent to a landfill.

Years of experience with biomass energy

Intech Clean Energy offers biomass furnace installations for individual buildings, or district heating systems which connect multiple buildings to a central boiler / central furnace. We design, develop and manage the operation of biomass furnace installation projects worldwide including projects that have varied in size from 250 kilowatts (kW) to 5 megawatts (MW). Across Germany, France and the UK, the Vollmer-Group owns and operates a number of municipal biomass systems and has designed and installed more for industrial and municipal clients. We provide solutions to customers looking to redirect waste or who have available feedstock to generate on-site energy.

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Biogas Systems

Biogas generator – green energy
(heat & power) through natural combustibles

Biogas can be obtained from a wet fermentation process that uses anaerobic digestion to extract energy from organic material including: sewerage sludge, food scrap, processing waste, grass clippings, small bush or agricultural waste. Biogas systems are a renewable energy source, which redirects organic waste from landfill or other low value products to onsite energy production. A biogas plant is an optimal solution for organisations that generates substantial wet organic waste including sewage treatment and waste disposal plants, intensive agriculture such as dairies or piggeries and food processors.

Intech offers customized biogas plants that are optimally tailored to clients’ needs, space constraints, and substrate. Plants can be tailored to use the biogas directly or develop a combined heat and power (CHP) system. They also can be designed to handle multiple substrates. Intech uses experienced partners for the installation of the plants. We aim to provide solutions to customers looking to redirect their waste stream from landfill, generate on-site energy from organic waste material, or best manage potential environmental issues associated with the waste material at their facilities.